Canonbie surgery: 2020 Week 32 Town is a high priority: 2020 Week 32 MARVELLOUS!: 2020 Week 32 Neighbourly celebrations: 2020 Week 31 Neighbourly celebrations: 2020 Week 31 Partnership secures £2.1m for the south: 2020 Week 31 Jobless warning: 2020 Week 31 Weaving company’s future in the balance: 2020 Week 31 Defibs are going live: 2020 Week 30 Helping to ease the burden: 2020 Week 30 Mill’s billionaire owner crippling suppliers, claim: 2020 Week 30 Rose’s Wardrobe makes lunar loveliness: 2020 Week 29 Langholm hotelier backs VAT cut to five per cent: 2020 Week 29 Six-figure grant will transform building: 2020 Week 29 Buccleuch boss pledges to get project to the line: 2020 Week 29 Winner demolishes a bewildered Derby field: 2020 Week 28 A mahoosive reduction!: 2020 Week 28 Bob: a Langholm luminary: 2020 Week 28 Tourism resurgence: 2020 Week 28 Restrictions are lifted as outbreak contained: 2020 Week 28 Council implements post-virus recovery: 2020 Week 27 Sports centre plans are top of the range: 2020 Week 27 Walking through the lockdown: 2020 Week 26 Gormley is back in the saddle: 2020 Week 26 Tribute paid to armed forces past and present: 2020 Week 26 Closure claim denied: 2020 Week 26 Back to school: 2020 Week 26 Langholm ride-outs will definitely be off: 2020 Week 26 Designs ready to go to the public: 2020 Week 25 Windfarm is poorly sited and designed: 2020 Week 25 More rural housing options are needed: 2020 Week 25 Villagers land £850k: 2020 Week 25 Four months to raise £5.4m to buy our moor: 2020 Week 25 Have your say on X95: 2020 Week 24 A win-win relationship which breeds success: 2020 Week 24 £1m in grants to help rural schools connect: 2020 Week 24 Ready for the off: 2020 Week 24 Essential work only on electricity cables: 2020 Week 24 Delicate balancing act: 2020 Week 24 Full steam ahead in Borders railway battle: 2020 Week 24 EWM suppliers act over unpaid millions: 2020 Week 23 Bowling reopens: 2020 Week 23 Co-operative store’s fundraising fanatics: 2020 Week 23 Borthwick’s golden goal wins Legion’s new prize: 2020 Week 23 £34m given to help business stay afloat: 2020 Week 23 Giant windfarm plan faces more opposition: 2020 Week 23 Chance to play additional rugby: 2020 Week 22 Unpaid carers urged to get help with PPE: 2020 Week 22 Golf is back on from tomorrow: 2020 Week 22 Crossing the border remains an anomaly: 2020 Week 22 The wonders of walking: 2020 Week 22 A monument to key workers: 2020 Week 22 Scottish producers at risk from farm bill: 2020 Week 21 Make an impact: volunteer: 2020 Week 21 Virus hardship funds are open for business: 2020 Week 21 Grand designs: 2020 Week 21 Government may ease lockdown next week: 2020 Week 21 Everything stops for tea: 2020 Week 20 Shankend aerial combat: 2020 Week 20 Physio celebrates her patient’s full recovery: 2020 Week 20 July date for town’s flood scheme order: 2020 Week 20 Town gets tested: 2020 Week 20 Fears raised on spread of virus into Eskdale: 2020 Week 20 Traditions kept alive: 2020 Week 19 Drug capsule maker boosts clinical trials: 2020 Week 19 Extra event support: 2020 Week 19 Virus under control: 2020 Week 19 Heartfelt thanks: 2020 Week 19 “Bomber” makes it to Dream Team: 2020 Week 19 Moor crowdfunder kicks off with £100k: 2020 Week 19 Windfarm company take on MoD in court: 2020 Week 18 What a boring survey: 2020 Week 18 A look around at life in lockdown: 2020 Week 18 Kitchen is dumped and set on fire: 2020 Week 18 Petition calls for Day to reinstate workers: 2020 Week 18 Don’t abuse the site: 2020 Week 18 Big benefits for community: 2020 Week 18 Rural testing pledge: 2020 Week 18 Tributes to Scott: 2020 Week 18 Nature wins in £6m sale of special moor: 2020 Week 18 Bags of love for the NHS: 2020 Week 17 McArthur’s visit still on the cards: 2020 Week 17 Gardening is good for you: 2020 Week 17 Kevin’s a Yorkshire driving force: 2020 Week 17 Couple’s wedding is put on hold by virus: 2020 Week 17 Farmers count on their resident birds: 2020 Week 17 MSP supports EWM redundant workers: 2020 Week 17 £83,000 for Eskdale: 2020 Week 17 100 not out for Jean: 2020 Week 17 No pause on flood scheme disappoints: 2020 Week 17 Action on south: 2020 Week 17 Jobs at risk at mill after orders dry up: 2020 Week 17 EWM cancels orders with Asian suppliers: 2020 Week 16 Be responsible on walks on farmland: 2020 Week 16 Hartleys keep calm and canter on during crisis: 2020 Week 16 “Bomber” command: 2020 Week 16 European connections: 2020 Week 16 Boost for flood victims: 2020 Week 16 Langholmite in lockdown: 2020 Week 16 Nurse catches virus from hospital patient: 2020 Week 16 Eggs-actly what’s needed: 2020 Week 16 Langholm gets £60k boost for shopfronts: 2020 Week 16 On the frontline: 2020 Week 16 Full support promised after exams cancelled: 2020 Week 16 Rugby season declared null and void: 2020 Week 15 : 2020 Week 15 Libby switches focus to 2021: 2020 Week 15 RAVE REVIEWS: Travel: Petra, Jordan: 2020 Week 15 Kia ora from Aotearoa: 2020 Week 15 Centre progress: 2020 Week 15 Rainbows shine a light: 2020 Week 15 EWM denies it has treated staff badly: 2020 Week 15 Care for our carers: 2020 Week 15 Don’t ignore vital grants: 2020 Week 15 Virus setback for Murtholm housing: 2020 Week 15 Nostalgia: 2020 Week 15 Brown’s the Butcher opens: 2020 Week 14 Day’s tree appeal dismissed: 2020 Week 14 London in lockdown: 2020 Week 14 Amazing support from the community: 2020 Week 14 The Rainbow Connection: 2020 Week 14 AMAZING SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY: 2020 Week 14 Restaurant Review : The Boathouse Glencaple: 2020 Week 14 Lockdown in the Land of the Long White Cloud: 2020 Week 14 Walk the Walk: 2020 Week 14 From a reader’s point of view: 2020 Week 13 Langholm Sevens cancelled: 2020 Week 13 RAVE REVIEWS… Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow: 2020 Week 13 Money does grow on trees in Eskdalemuir: 2020 Week 13 Langholm goes live!: 2020 Week 13 Village at odds with official flood report: 2020 Week 13 Health helpline set up to manage more demand: 2020 Week 13 Virus may put paid to most treasured event: 2020 Week 13 Electric vehicle ports coming to Langholm: 2020 Week 12 Beef sector could be more efficient: 2020 Week 12 £3.5m price tag to buy Langholm Moor: 2020 Week 12 Joint response: 2020 Week 12 Community rallies to support people at risk: 2020 Week 12 Double celebration: 2020 Week 11 More stock is sold, average prices fall: 2020 Week 11 Langholm teenager is elected to parliament: 2020 Week 11 Region poised to deal with potential outbreak: 2020 Week 11 Project awarded £600k: 2020 Week 11 Moorland purchase reaches critical stage: 2020 Week 11 Academy are Scottish champions: 2020 Week 10 Cleaning up the Liddel: 2020 Week 10 Patrons follow lunch with a talk: 2020 Week 10 Community ownership conference a great success: 2020 Week 10 OH CALAMITY!: 2020 Week 10 We continue our serialisation of Wattie Bell’s book.: 2020 Week 10 Return to glass proving successful: 2020 Week 10 Call for a rethink on town’s flood barriers: 2020 Week 10 Semi-final netted: 2020 Week 09 Sports centre group makes good progress: 2020 Week 09 Farms need better pollinator practice: 2020 Week 09 Roger to step down from chairman’s job: 2020 Week 09 £10,000 is raised so far for village flood victims: 2020 Week 09 Objections rise over flood protection plan: 2020 Week 09 Launch of Digital Hub: 2020 Week 08 Holy Isle retreat brings patience and generosity: 2020 Week 08 Farmers of Eskdale have a ball: 2020 Week 08 D&G to face £11m cut to services budget: 2020 Week 08 Valentine’s day treat: 2020 Week 08 Survey will identify windfarm funding: 2020 Week 08 Devastating flood rages through seventy homes: 2020 Week 08 Floods, Gales, ice and snow a typical Scottish February: 2020 Week 07 Lewis is uni champ: 2020 Week 07 Benty open singles: 2020 Week 07 Fashion regenerated: 2020 Week 07 Jobs for vital volunteers: 2020 Week 07 Upland bursary for Langholm ceramicist: 2020 Week 07 Oz flags fly at tower: 2020 Week 07 Moor buy-out deadline approaches: 2020 Week 07 Plan for troubled kids’ school must go public: 2020 Week 07 Floods, gales, ice and snow a typical Scottish February: 2020 Week 07 Plugging the hole in lost European funds: 2020 Week 06 Krakow and the real horrors of Auschwitz: 2020 Week 06 Council struggles over windfarm objection: 2020 Week 06 Rural poverty missed: 2020 Week 06 Langholm cannabis oil factory gets go-ahead: 2020 Week 06 Langholm with the Lid Off: 2020 Week 05 Popular event packs out hall: 2020 Week 05 Copshaw in spotlight as campaign launches: 2020 Week 05 Log wagon driver admits killing cyclist: 2020 Week 05 Expanding industry needs more workers: 2020 Week 05 Vital public service will not be lost to Langholm: 2020 Week 05 Low wages contribute to more food bank use: 2020 Week 4 Neil is auctioneers’ group champion: 2020 Week 04 Food parcels are only the start: 2020 Week 04 Positive response to holiday pod proposal: 2020 Week 04 Town’s ambition to be a creative place: 2020 Week 04 Purr-fect” partners cool as cats on the ice: 2020 Week 04 Up to 20 turbines are on cards for Bentpath: 2020 Week 04 The Moldova Experience: 2020 Week 3 A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea: 2020 Week 3 Finding the stars in Copshaw: 2020 Week 3 Libby… the finest girl!: 2020 Week 03 School for troubled kids will create 30 new jobs: 2020 Week 03 Conan takes gold: 2020 Week 03 Call to act quickly over dangerous Eskdale road – Water pours on to the A7 at same spot as an earlier landslide: 2020 Week 03 Mascots United: 2020 Week 03 Sounds of the past – Original school bell to be rehung at the new primary: 2020 Week 03 A previous year test: 2020 Week 01 The Muckle Toon Pantomime returns with festive fun for all the family: 2019 Week 52 Kippford & Rockcliffe Circular via Rough Island.: 2019 Week 52 Blue Flight in the pink at Kelso: Blue Flight in the pink at Kelso: 2019 Week 51 Academy plant sale flourishes: 2019 Week 50 Langholm lads help Hawick: 2019 Week 50 Langholm come third in athletics final: 2019 Week 50 Hat-trick but still a defeat: 2019 Week 50 Langholm rugby holds its head high at awards: 2019 Week 50 A garden of delights from GQT: 2019 Week 50 A most exciting year for initiative team: Langholm body calls for public to attend AGM and find out more: 2019 Week 50 Chance to buy land offers a “new dawn”: Consultation underway on the potential purchase of Holm Hill: 2019 Week 50 Excellent duo top the bill: 2019 Week 50 Everyone a winner at awards to celebrate rural life: 2019 Week 50 Town’s flood alert: Environment watchdog issues warning over river: 2019 Week 50 UK’s future at stake as rancorous campaign ends: Who will be Prime Minister tomorrow?: 2019 Week 50 Theatre is calling: Langholm actor accepted for prestigious stage school: 2019 Week 49 Lighting up Langholm: 2019 Week 49 Santa’s little helpers: 2019 Week 49 Government cuts would damage recycling efforts: 2019 Week 49 A humdinger of a match: 2019 Week 49 Emerging talent at Kelso: 2019 Week 49 Have Pen Will Travel: 2019 Week 49 £27k for Eskdale: Windfarm company gives grants to three organisations: 2019 Week 49 Sweeping changes to refuse collections: 2019 Week 48 Youth Rugby: 2019 Week 48 Meet Katherine and her traffic cone hat: 2019 Week 48 Fiasco of farcical fun: Langholm’s popular am-drammers play to big houses at The Buccleuch Centre: 2019 Week 48 Legion secures vital win: 2019 Week 48 North Berwick sees determined performance from Langholm: 2019 Week 48 Community Trust open day for Copshaw: Consultation to look at feasibilty of Holm Hill buy-out: 2019 Week 48 Campaign to build a new line is ‘rock solid’: 2019 Week 47 Rave Review | BARBARA DICKSON & Nick Holland: 2019 Week 47 Breeding sheep to adapt to weather: 2019 Week 47 Speaking with one voice: 2019 Week 47 New Town, new store: 2019 Week 47 Town’s regeneration vision scoops £60k: 2019 Week 47 Ellie’s life in the fast lane: 2019 Week 46 Langholm Rugby Club makes shortlist for national award: 2019 Week 46 Canonbie crafters collect: Another successful fair: 2019 Week 46 Bill’s film boosts vital community bus service: Common Riding enthusiast presents money raised by DVD sale: 2019 Week 46 Three Eskdale groups given £8,300 in total: Windfarm developer donates first round of community grants: 2019 Week 46 Langholm will be in rail extension study: Scottish transport minister reassures campaigners of inclusion: 2019 Week 46 Copshaw pharmacist is a clear winner: 2019 Week 46 Secret OutPost: Auction and exhibition at High Street’s new venue: 2019 Week 46 Centre of excellence wins regional award: Great team work from staff and volunteers gets recognition: 2019 Week 46 What a blooming farce!: 2019 Week 45 Charlie is Kelso’s darling: 2019 Week 45 Great plans for popular butcher’s shop: 2019 Week 45 Mural trail explores Langholm’s heritage: 2019 Week 45 Canonbie parents up in arms as heating fails: 2019 Week 45 Cumbria’s horseman: 2019 Week 45 Posties Wear-it-Pink and raise £900: 2019 Week 44 Valley faces another large-scale windfarm: Plans submitted to build up to 25 220m turbines at Callisterhall: 2019 Week 44 Cross country success: 2019 Week 44 Stevie is club champ: 2019 Week 44 Vital point gained with a struggle: 2019 Week 44 Teams try their hardest: An excellent turnout of sides makes for a busy tournament for youngsters: 2019 Week 44 University professor designs first “tunabot”: Former Langholm pupil examines how fish swim so fast and far: 2019 Week 44 Physio’s research will help identify strokes: Dawn Lamb’s work is aiding the diagnoses by A&E clinicians: 2019 Week 44 Sprinter’s ice challenge: Libby hopes to impress judge John Barrowman on TV show: 2019 Week 44 Tories and Labour pick their candidates: Mundell and Chisholm prepare for a Christmas general election: 2019 Week 44 A mural paints 1,000 words: 2019 Week 44 Two vital elements to promote quality of life: Town’s tourism and health and social care are in the spotlight: 2019 Week 44 Pumpkin run: 2019 Week 44 Family sport fun day: 2019 Week 43 MP: It’s Brexit now or election showdown: 2019 Week 43 Champion biker: 2019 Week 43 Karate medallists: 2019 Week 43 Blue Flight in flight at Kelso: 2019 Week 43 Gormley ends flat season with a smart win for leading owner: 2019 Week 43 Unique bothy is restored: 2019 Week 43 Loughborough learns lessons around Langholm: 2019 Week 43 The vegetables say it all: 2019 Week 43 Firm’s community work earns award nomination: Langholm windfarm developer is in line for a national prize: 2019 Week 43 90% want flood scheme: Newcastleton residents have their say on wall and other options: 2019 Week 43 Going wild in the woods is so much fun: 2019 Week 43 Having a fun-gi time, won’t you join us? Mycologists hold their get-together in Langholm countryside: 2019 Week 43 Bank customers to lose post office cash service: 2019 Week 42 Bursting with ideas: Moorland community consultation attracts positive interest: 2019 Week 42 GP earns care award nomination: 2019 Week 42 Council pledge to cut carbon status to zero: 2019 Week 42 Little White Rose blossoms: 2019 Week 42 Day centre pot set to rise by nearly £18,000: 2019 Week 42 Club is taken for a ride: 2019 Week 41 Teenage athletes perform at their best: 2019 Week 41 Relay success for kids: 2019 Week 41 Double win for Jock’s dogs: 2019 Week 41 Scarlett scores five tries at festival: 2019 Week 41 Force to be reckoned with: 2019 Week 41 Apprenticeship funding blackhole filled by trusts: Dyehouse apprentices are caught in cross-border bureaucracy: 2019 Week 41 Council faces a £5m yearly budget squeeze: Liddesdale residents are asked for money-saving suggestions: 2019 Week 41 Heartening music: Aly and Phil give thumbs-up to fundraiser: 2019 Week 41 Heather, hen harriers and grouse thriving on moor: Project report shows how legal management techniques benefit all species: 2019 Week 41 Perfect conditions at Kelso: 2019 Week 40 Bobby Moon shines brightly: 2019 Week 40 Russell hooks a knighthood: 2019 Week 40 Impressive home victory against struggling Inverleith: Callums smash the defence in a fine display of rugby from Langholm: 2019 Week 40 Glaury but glorious: Weather plays ball for the Langholm show but wellies are needed: 2019 Week 40 Public toilets must stay: Council recognises their value to both residents and visitors: 2019 Week 40 It’s sew simple to recycle: 2019 Week 40 Huge opportunities to help boost jobs market: Eskdale will benefit from a £15m investment in Chapelcross: 2019 Week 40 Just champion for Campbell: 2019 Week 40 Langholm can thrive: Community buy-out of precious moorland has exciting potential: 2019 Week 40 Partnership award for young people: 2019 Week 39 “Welcome to Langholm” Future Champions Awards: 2019 Week 39 Eagles soar at Teviothead: 2019 Week 39 450th appearance for Johnson: 2019 Week 39 We play our best rugby in the wettest weather: Youth rugby players shrug off the rain and produce their best games: 2019 Week 39 Delays “out of control”: Hospital patients can’t leave because they have nowhere to go: 2019 Week 39 School’s out for climate: 2019 Week 39 Shining a light on awards: 2019 Week 39 Progress on moor: Harris visit will give lots of ideas for Langholm: 2019 Week 39 Langholm’s future is in your own hands: Alliance welcomes public feedback after two years’ hard work: 2019 Week 39 Proposed turbines will devastate landscape: More than 100 objectors claim windfarm will damage their valleys: 2019 Week 39 MP impressed by campus expansion: 2019 Week 38 Artist portrays a hill shepherd’s life: 2019 Week 38 Making sense of cancer: 2019 Week 38 Cannabis production will provide 50 jobs: Eskdale farmer plans to build glasshouse to make medicinal oil: 2019 Week 38 Lamont joins deal-makers: 2019 Week 37 Bumper crop at Benty: Best show day in years: 2019 Week 37 He’ll be coming round the mountain – 42 times: Langholm runner completes a classic Lake District challenge: 2019 Week 37 Wayne starts career on the beat: 2019 Week 37 More than an Ambleside amble: 2019 Week 37 Clegg breaks two British records and wins silver: World Para swimmer is really happy with his progress as he looks to Tokyo: 2019 Week 37 Do more for communities: 2019 Week 37 Will inclusive growth work for Langholm?: Conference discusses how communities can reduce inequality: 2019 Week 37 Lorry drivers advised to “keep on parking”: Council never wanted to impose restrictions in village square: 2019 Week 37 A golfing legacy: Marvellous total raised for Macmillan Cancer Support: 2019 Week 37 Time to take action for struggling town: Steering group to consult public on proposed developments: 2019 Week 37 A final family picnic before tragedy strikes: Clouds of war gather over a Langholm family’s idyllic summer: 2019 Week 36 Exciting plans revealed for potential new sports facility: New development would improve quality of life for Langholm and district: 2019 Week 36 16 pairs for Irving cup: 2019 Week 36 Miller steps up into rugby captain role: 2019 Week 36 Healthy entry for this year’s Doctors’ Run: Ryan smashes it with a well-paced run and youngsters have fun in the sun: 2019 Week 36 Crossdykes construction commences in earnest: Communities will benefit by more than £300k from windfarm: 2019 Week 36 The Holm Showed us: Sunshine on Copshaw: 2019 Week 36 Aaron’s sheep wins: 2019 Week 36 Hold the front page! We’re up for an award: E&L Advertiser is on shortlist for a rural resilience accolade: 2019 Week 36 Paul is Borders champ: 2019 Week 35 Iona’s had a busy August: 2019 Week 35 Fire Belle has other ideas: 2019 Week 35 Donaldson turns out for Hawick: 2019 Week 35 Hottest of days makes for some tense cricket:: 2019 Week 35 An eagle named Ally NAMED ALLY: 2019 Week 35 Langholm chillis on telly: BBC’s Landward comes to town to film its passion for spice: 2019 Week 35 Ban on lorry parking is proving unpopular: Residents say they were unaware of consultation on restrictions: 2019 Week 35 Eagle death shocks team:Golden eagle project suffers setback after young bird killed: 2019 Week 35 £5k raised for moor: Crowd funder reaches target in only eight days: 2019 Week 35 We are the champions: 2019 Week 35 Eskdale shares £220k to rebuild economy: Project officer will support community to identify opportunities: 2019 Week 35 Keira flies high: 2019 Week 33 Weather against Home Hill Race: 2019 Week 33 Callum is champion: 2019 Week 33 National championship for Langholm’s Lewis: Gold medal win in Grangemouth makes athlete National U20s champion: 2019 Week 33 Liz is jumping for joy: 2019 Week 33 Go wild with Wild Eskdale: 2019 Week 33 Show will shine despite weather: 2019 Week 33 Timing seems perfect for moorland buyout: South of Scotland MSP, Colin Smyth, backs the bid to buy: 2019 Week 33 New hub for Outpost Arts: Focal point for arts organisation will bring great benefits: 2019 Week 33 Band’s successful season: 2019 Week 33 Michael’s art is Finding the Light: 2019 Week 33 Fourteen wet and windy miles along the wall: 2019 Week 33 Unseasonal weather wreaks roads havoc transport havoc: 2019 Week 33 Gilsland winner has lots of scope: 2019 Week 32 Legion kick off in cup: Football team go into their 25th season ready for the top flight: 2019 Week 32 Gordon anchors team innings: 2019 Week 32 Join fun-filled training: 2019 Week 32 Poor batting display rules out promotion: Langholm display gives the opposition a comfortable eight-wicket victory: 2019 Week 32 Hall looks to future: Eskdalemuir venue will host regular events with its neighbour: 2019 Week 32 Ice-cream vans and Aston Martins share the stage: 2019 Week 32 Langholm darner sews together a new future: 2019 Week 32 Chairman warns: don’t cut vital public services: Council consults town on the future of town hall and toilets: 2019 Week 32 MoD objects to turbines: Windfarm will adversely affect defence interests, says ministry: 2019 Week 31 1,000 say yes to centre: Survey on redeveloping sports venue attracts positive response: 2019 Week 31 Truly the best window in town: 2019 Week 31 Tynemouth is top dog: 2019 Week 31 Wrestling draws a crowd: 2019 Week 31 Tindle wins top 90m sprint with superbly-timed run: Common Riding Games attract a wealth of talent to entertain the crowds: 2019 Week 31 Rum and milk the flautists’ downfall: 2019 Week 31 Sorry, no Christmas pud here: 2019 Week 31 Finlay is Playcare Cornet: 2019 Week 31 Cornet rides out to where heather blends with sky: Record crowds enjoy a truly amazing day at Langholm Common Riding: 2019 Week 31 Elderly give best wishes: 2019 Week 30 A rare ride out: 2019 Week 30 The day of all days: 2019 Week 30 A night of fun and songs: 2019 Week 30 Fell boys: 2019 Week 30 Fine day for Castle Craigs pairs: 2019 Week 30 No fog on this Tynemouth: 2019 Week 30 Happy campers learn skills from the Falcons: Langholm youth rugby hosts two-day camp for 79 enthusiastic youngsters: 2019 Week 30 Commission seeks views on land use decisions: New protocol will help organisations to work better together: 2019 Week 30 Ben bounces to another gold: 2019 Week 29 Big day for Big Dunc as he scores his first century: Langholm cricketer finally puts his three 90s behind him: 2019 Week 29 To the moon and back for tea: 2019 Week 29 Boys’ reading challenge: Langholm and Canonbie schoolboys get a helping hand with books: 2019 Week 29 Call of the hills: 2019 Week 29 Kerbside recycling to save money and planet: Council highlights the benefits of helping residents to recycle: 2019 Week 29 Eskdale lift-off for our Highland Coosmonaut: VisitScotland launch out-of-this-world anniversary campaign: 2019 Week 29 Sun shines on the Benty: 2019 Week 29 Nearly 1,000 people sign petition to buy moorland: Langholm and Newcastleton are delighted with the support of the public: 2019 Week 29 Dry century could end if new distillery opens: Langholm business seeks town centre premises to distil gin: 2019 Week 28 Carlisle match taken to wire: 2019 Week 28 Excellent Canonbie bowling: 2019 Week 28 Jazzle wins at Copshaw Common Riding: 2019 Week 28 Appleby fairly sorts out struggling Langholm 1sts: Cumbrian side uses home ground to their decisive advantage: 2019 Week 28 50th festival of folk: 2019 Week 28 Delicious Tub with Flake: It’s our 21st birthday and we’re having a ball: 2019 Week 28 Neighbourly celebration: 2019 Week 28 Passion for fashion which lasts: 2019 Week 28 Sporting responses: 2019 Week 28 A right royal do: Langholm well represented at Holyrood Palace: 2019 Week 28 Ram-raiders smash their way through shop’s doors: 2019 Week 28 Walls will protect town: Proposed flood protection scheme for Langholm on display: 2019 Week 27 Windy and rough conditions take their toll: 2019 Week 27 Windy and rough conditions take their toll: 2019 Week 27 1st XI continue in good form: 2019 Week 27 Restructuring at league level denies club promotion: 2019 Week 27 Bunting objection in as council steps away: Common Riding trustees send letter to protest at decision: 2019 Week 27 Fly me to the moon: Events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission: 2019 Week 27 180 take off at Spadeadam: 2019 Week 26 Clegg back on the track: 2019 Week 26 Fair day and full entry for American triples: 2019 Week 26 Firsts secure six-wicket win against Patterdale: Park keeps them down and Langholm knock off the runs in 35 overs: 2019 Week 26 Applause for achieving pupils: 2019 Week 26 Course has positive impact: Academy pupils learn traditional rural skills, thanks to businesses: 2019 Week 26 Mum runs to thank hospice for its care: Retired teacher enters Great North Run for first time: 2019 Week 26 Scouts’ thanks to Janet: 2019 Week 26 Moor sale petition: Eskdale residents have two weeks to register their support: 2019 Week 26 Farewell Denise: 2019 Week 26 Youths sought after mill blaze: Police appeal for witnesses to suspicious fire: 2019 Week 26 Seven rides for Jamie: 2019 Week 25 Netball trophy won: Canonbie primary win at festival: 2019 Week 25 Six-wicket win for 2nds: 2019 Week 25 Adventurous spirits all: Muckle Toon hosts an outdoor festival worthy of its name: 2019 Week 25 On track for next train: Rail group hosts the first commemorative dinner in Langholm: 2019 Week 25 Gordon, Amber & Me: Newcastleton mother and daughter meet their wildlife heroes: 2019 Week 25 New thrills on forest bike trails: 2019 Week 25 Flood defences will make homes safer: Protection scheme goes on public display to gauge opinions: 2019 Week 25 Windfarm faces being refused by planners: Recommendation put forward to turn down Crossdykes plan: 2019 Week 25 Bald in a good cause: 2019 Week 25 Best in the country: Newcastleton wildlife group is presented with national award: 2019 Week 25 It’ll be alright on the night: 2019 Week 25 Head pupils: 2019 Week 25 Forest is important: Eskdalemuir is a vital part of Scotland’s industry: 2019 Week 25 Communities make plans to buy moor: Opportunity for a community buy-out will not happen again: 2019 Week 25 American triples at Newcastleton: 2019 Week 24 Canonbie sports success: 2019 Week 24 Handfuls of karate medals: 2019 Week 24 Tynemouth runs away: 2019 Week 24 Bouncer Ben is flying high: 2019 Week 24 Dumfries side overhaul Langholm in final over: Decent performance from young team with one man down: 2019 Week 24 Recycling cuts costs: FTS Dyers leads the way in disposal of industrial materials: 2019 Week 24 Naturally brilliant: Wild Eskdale takes Canonbie pupils on a journey of discovery: 2019 Week 24 Moor nationally important: Botanist says people need to take direct control of site to secure its future: 2019 Week 24 Accomplishment rewarded in a night of prizewinners: Langholm and Canonbie pupils are recognised for their talents: 2019 Week 24 Quiz kids do their best: 2019 Week 24 Showing the way to a safer day in the hills: Eskdale’s walks get a makeover, thanks to volunteers: 2019 Week 24 Zoe helps save the planet: 2019 Week 24 Industrialisation fear: Turbines will destroy natural landscape, campaigners claim: 2019 Week 24 Sports centre survey appeal: 2019 Week 24 Season starts well: Drum major impresses with his skills in contests: 2019 Week 24 Wishlist for south’s economic prosperity: Partnership holds another round of meetings this month: 2019 Week 24 Victory for Copshaw: 2019 Week 23 Return to winning ways: 2019 Week 23 Dunlop Bikers: 2019 Week 23 Polaris’ Puppy Produce Trail: 2019 Week 23 Sprinting at national level: 2019 Week 23 Legion Awards night: 2019 Week 23 Jamie has just two wins to go before turning pro: Popular Langholm jockey shows his commitment to racing: 2019 Week 23 Elections Malawi style: 2019 Week 23 Common Riding members congratualte Cornet Jeffrey: Christopher Tait appointed as Castle Craigs fair crier: 2019 Week 23 Telling tales through time: End of season stories of Ben Nevis, Ireland, wartime, and knitting: 2019 Week 23 It’s a trial being a sheepdog: 66 entries keeps the Penton event running non-stop: 2019 Week 23 Patience plea for playpark: 2019 Week 23 Windfarm opposition gathers momentum: Community Council calls for more time to submit comments: 2019 Week 23 Holmspun on High Street: 2019 Week 23 Future of Langholm moor in spotlight: End of June deadline for Buccleuch consultation: 2019 Week 23 Merseyside marathon: 2019 Week 22 Wonders of Westerhall: Westerkirk estate opens its grounds for Scotland’s Garden Scheme: 2019 Week 22 Nobel prizewinner is back at his old desk: Richard Henderson inspires the next generation of scientists: 2019 Week 22 PM ‘impediment’ to Brexit: May’s sudden resignation gets mixed reaction from area’s politicians: 2019 Week 22 Apollo 11 inspires pupils: 2019 Week 22 Dawn presents work on stroke diagnosis: Langholm physiotherapist impresses at international congress: 2019 Week 22 Hall fundraiser makes £200: 2019 Week 22 Plants and cakes make a good day out: 2019 Week 22 Weaving a new future: Grant will aid resurgence in textile industry in Muckle Toon: 2019 Week 22 One muckle leap for Langholm tourism: Eskdale to benefit from global campaign by VisitScotland: 2019 Week 22 It’s an uphill struggle: 2019 Week 21 More wins for jockeys: 2019 Week 21 Curling club celebrates: 2019 Week 21 Disappointing batting: 2019 Week 21 Cluster sprint teams excel: 2019 Week 21 Langholm misses out on promotion to League 1: Great disappointment at Milntown over decision to stop club moving up: 2019 Week 21 Straight from the horse’s mouth: 2019 Week 21 Ian and professor are enthralling: 2019 Week 21 Be part of the annual spectacle: Costumes, make-up, backdrops – there are roles for all comers: 2019 Week 21 Bags of support from hospital friends: 2019 Week 21 CCTV urgently needed: Community council puts together a bid to fund security cameras: 2019 Week 21 Student has designs on good vibrations: Town band player wants to help musicians feel sound: 2019 Week 21 Egg and bacon, please: 2019 Week 21 Bra-vo! Moonlit walk amazing: 2019 Week 21 Biodiversity is crucial to eco-tourism successWindfarm campaigners claim turbines will be detrimental:: 2019 Week 21 A colourful experience: 2019 Week 21 Take a snapshot of your walk to win: 2019 Week 21 Centre of excellence for arts and culture: Plans to take Langholm on a journey by advancing creativity: 2019 Week 21 Singles win for Hawick: 2019 Week 20 Success at St Mungo: 2019 Week 20 Ashton runs well: 2019 Week 20 Gymnastics medals: 2019 Week 20 Massive leap brings Fire Bolt home: 2019 Week 20 Gary wins with Wailers: 2019 Week 20 Two Hawick trophies for top player: 2019 Week 20 Win against Carleton makes it two out of two: Steele and Piszczykiewicz are the star performers for the Langholm squad: 2019 Week 20 Election of Cornet 2019: Another year begins in the illustrious history of Langholm Common Riding: 2019 Week 20 Amazing Rotary walk: Umbrella walkers in Langholm and Canonbie raise £27,000: 2019 Week 20 Billy recalls his big day: 2019 Week 20 Stakeholders must have say in agency: MSP puts forwards amendments to enterprise bill: 2019 Week 20 Tub Paula takes charge of the Copshaw bikes: 2019 Week 20 Ivanhoe at the ready: A lifelong passion with the Armstrongs led to tour business: 2019 Week 20 1,000 votes cast: 2019 Week 20 It’s been some week for Henry: 2019 Week 20 Project to save lives secures more funds: 2019 Week 20 Kerbside recycling to come to D&G: Councillors approve option to allow residents to recycle at home: 2019 Week 20 Seven hours in Glen Lyon: 2019 Week 19 Three teams out for cricket: 2019 Week 19 Special guest Jilly a hit with young rugby heroes: Former Scotland women’s captain presents medals at club’s awards night: 2019 Week 19 Craigs’ boys have grand night: Club’s future in safe hands: 2019 Week 19 Dream kitchen for Day Centre: Mary Buckley of Westerhall officially opens the new extension: 2019 Week 19 Adam’s labour of love: Accordion and Fiddle Club chairman bows out after 30 years: 2019 Week 19 Jilly . . . Langholm’s magical MasterChef: Humble champ charms and impresses the audience: 2019 Week 19 Steps taken towards new sports centre: 2019 Week 19 The bluebells of Eskdale: 2019 Week 19 Broken cattle grid sets off elderly couple’s airbags: Resident has to constantly pick up debris from damaged vehicles: 2019 Week 19 Trio of hopefuls: 2019 Week 19 Exhibiting a passion for wildlife: 2019 Week 19 Langholm flooding plan hits cost hitch: Holmwood project likely to go up by £150,000, a 40 per cent rise: 2019 Week 19 Fresh start: 2019 Week 18 Great finish to the season: 2019 Week 18 No fog on Tynemouth: 2019 Week 18 Nine-wicket defeat: 2019 Week 18 Watsonians are supreme: Langholm Sevens is still one of the best tournaments in Scotland: 2019 Week 18 Cracking Copshaw Cabaret: Standing ovation for society’s first big production: 2019 Week 18 Capturing history in the spoken word: Langholm voices included in Ewart Library ethnology project: 2019 Week 18 A fresh start in Eskdale: 2019 Week 18 Water births to laptops – a midwife’s life: 2019 Week 18 New Zealand envoy visits scenic Eskdale: Sheep farmers discuss opportunities and challenges: 2019 Week 18 Motorbikers find the best breakfast in the Borders: 2019 Week 18 Kirsty’s On Call Africa: 2019 Week 18 Four are lying for Copshaw Tub: 2019 Week 18 Objections may prompt a lengthy public inquiry: Double yellow lines proposal in High Street remain unresolved: 2019 Week 18 Ciaran’s fundraiser is a slam dunk: 2019 Week 18 Day takeover bid for retailer fails: 2019 Week 18 Great achievement: 2019 Week 18 Flooding a huge concern for windfarm objectors: Faw Side protesters say Ewes and Langholm are at risk from development: 2019 Week 18 Near miss against Victoria: 2019 Week 15 Cross country excellence: Langholm and Canonbie pupils show a clean pair of heels: 2019 Week 15 Superstars one and all: 2019 Week 15 Millennials plot route to prosperity: Pidgin Perfect and Upstart give Langholm High Street a real buzz: 2019 Week 15 Clan marks 500 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Home | News | Unique bothy is restored
News | 24th October 2019

Unique bothy is restored


PRIORSLYNN Bothy in Canonbie hosted an open day recently, giving the community the opportunity to visit the clay-walled, cruck-framed and thatched building.
It is the only building in Scotland where these elements are found together, making it Category A listed.
Master craftspeople greeted guests, including the owner of the building, Alex Gibbons, a Fellow of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).
He was joined by master thatcher William Tegetmeir, archaeologist Daniël Postma, woodworker Wilson Irving and carpenter, Mick Reid.
Among the visitors were Bryce Riley and Thomas Little and his mum Emma Bell. Thomas, four, was excited to see the “mud-pie house”.
Bryce said: “It’s fascinating to see and reminds me of other buildings and cottages in the area, especially sections of the roof in Harelaw Slack when I lived there.
“I particularly love how the new window feature has been incorporated because you see the new merging with the old.”
Pip Soodeen, who works for SPAB, was also on hand to answer questions. SPAB, which was founded by William Morris in 1887, educates and advises people on the repair of old buildings and runs courses in practical building repair. Visit for more information.
Alex enjoys welcoming people to the open days and talking about the building. It is not usually open to the public because it is a building site.
By the end of November, Alex hopes to have completed the thatching and glazing as well as repairing the floors and plastering the walls.
His intention is to spend Christmas in the bothy and he will offer another open day before then. Details will be given in the E&L Advertiser.
Alex is currently looking for a labourer / apprentice to help with the thatching project. If you are interested, call him on 07871 690 605 or drop by with a CV.

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