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News | 18th January 2021

Over 80s welcome call to receive vaccination

The most elderly in Langholm will be vaccinated from next week


RESIDENTS of Langholm, who have been notified of their vaccination dates, are all in favour of being immunised.

The E&L Advertiser contacted some of the over 80s to find out their views.

Gillian Massiah said her husband, David, got an appointment for January 28.
She said: “He’s in a different age group to me so he’s ahead of me in the queue.

“This means we’ll still need to continue with full precautions to protect me until I’m fully vaccinated which will be later.

“This illustrates the arbitrariness of vaccination by age groups rather than households but choices have to be made.
“Amid the brouhaha, a point to make is that first vaccinated members may still be a risk to others because it’s not known yet whether vaccination just suppresses the symptoms in a person  or stops the virus spreading.
“In mixed-age, high-risk households the first vaccinated person will probably still need to continue to take all the recommended precautions until the last high-risk member is fully vaccinated.
“What advice is being given to the vaccinated about future behaviour under the rules?”

Grace Brown, who celebrates her 83rd birthday today, said: “I will get the vaccination.

“This pandemic is a nasty thing and people seem to be affected in different ways. Some people are quite ill, while others hardly know they have it.

“I know there will be those who are a bit dubious about it because it’s been rushed through but I think we have to put our trust in the scientists and keep our fingers crossed that it’s safe and efficient.”

When Grace was a child she can remember having diseases which are now preventable by vaccination, including measles and whooping cough.

Polio was another disease which children got until a vaccine was developed.

John Armstrong is 81 and his wife, Aileen, who is 74, said they would both be delighted to get vaccinated.

She said: “I think it’s hugely important. From what I know, it’s the one thing which will move us forward.

“I think we’ll still have to wear masks and be careful for a long time but we’re very fortunate. We don’t have jobs to lose and we have our pensions.”

Arthur Elliot, who’ll be 85 in a few weeks, said common sense should prevail when it came to being vaccinated.

“After all the information we’ve been given, we shouldn’t ignore it.”

Arthur said when he was a child, he had scarlet fever and was in the fever hospital in Langholm.

Audrey Maxwell, 82, said: “I’m not nervous about getting it. I’ll be glad but I’ve been very aware of keeping myself safe and not going out.

“Anyone, who can get it, should get vaccinated. This has gone on for long enough. I’ve never known anything like it.

“My friend in America, who was my bridesmaid and is 80, has had the virus and her husband, who was 88, died from it. There was no hope for him because he had underlying conditions.

“She is now alone in the house and still feels unwell and tired.”

Grace Baxter, 88 (and a half), said she was in favour of the vaccine but a bit apprehensive because of the variant.

The vaccine might not be as good against that as on the original virus on which the tests were done.

She said: “I won’t be complacent just because I’ve opted to have it. I’ll still stay at home when possible and comply with all the restrictions.

“We’ve just got to have it. It’s daft, crazy if we don’t.”

Grace had all her children vaccinated but she doesn’t think she was. She also had scarlet fever and spent time in the fever hospital.

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