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Letters | 1st May 2020

Don’t abuse the site


AS THE lockdown continues, it is understandable that everyone is becoming increasingly anxious and stressed and some frustrations are being vented through the Langholm COVID-19 support group page on Facebook.

As a support page, it is our job to support each other in whatever ways we can. Anyone seen to be either accusatory or defamatory will now be immediately blocked from the page and the post removed without the need for an explanation.

For every person, who appears to be “flouting the government rules”, there are several who have a real need to go out or visit other people’s houses, gardens or travel beyond the limits of Langholm.

People casting dispersions are causing vulnerable and honest people to become incredibly anxious and scared that they are doing the wrong thing. This is unfair and not why we are here and I am sure not anyone’s original intentions.

Consider what you are looking to post. This site is for support so verified information on the situation, requests for or of help or ideas on how to support people further are what we are looking for.

Consider whether your post would be better on another site if it does not fall directly into this category, especially if the content is venting frustrations.

Lastly, remember this is a very difficult time for everyone. If you need help or support, including befriending or counselling, contact us rather than become anxious, stressed or angry.

Take care everyone and many thanks to all the wonderful people doing a great job with little or no thanks. You are truly wonderful.

Langholm COVID-19 Support Group

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