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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Stickers so we’re not suckered

Nothing has caused more frustration or anger in recent years than the price of petrol. The ever-spiralling increases have left the poor motorist gasping for breath and grasping for coppers as they struggle to afford it.

The rising prices have also cost businesses dear as delivery firms, taxi drivers and those who depend on their cars for work have all been hit hard.

But it is even more galling when you’re paying high prices for gallons and litres that aren’t actually going into your petrol tank.

Cumbria County Council Trading Standards officers are currently working their way across the county checking on the accuracy of our petrol pumps to make sure they are issuing the right volumes of fuel and charging the correct price for it.

Of the 38 petrol and diesel pumps they have tested so far, four have been found to be delivering less than the pump displays which is a disturbingly high percentage. All those pumps that are checked are marked with stickers so all motorists will know that the machines are accurate.

The testing is compulsory, but attaching the stickers to prove that the machines have been tested is voluntary.

We’d urge all petrol stations to get stickered – and all motorists to look out for them.

We pay a heavy enough price for our fuel. The least we should get is the knowledge that we are forking out for the actual amount of fuel that goes into our cars.


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