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THE runners were on a competitive high at the Common Riding athletics this year.

Allan Hamilton of Edinburgh won the 90m open championship, sponsored by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, after coming second last year.

Running from scratch, his winning time was 9.50 seconds. Hamilton also won the high jump again last Friday.

Winner of the 90m open handicap was Daniel Elliott of Hawick RP off a mark of 8.5m. He won in 9.62 seconds.

Corey Wilson of Hawick RP, off a mark of 10m, was runner-up and Glyn Desport of Hawick, off a 5m mark, came third.


90m Open Handicap: 1 Daniel Elliot, Hawick RP; 2 Corey Wilson, Hawick RP; 3 Glyn Desport, Hawick. 9.62 secs.

200m Open: 1 Kevin Turner, Edinburgh; 2 Rianna Sterricks, Leithenburn; 3 Drew Bryson, Hawick. 24.12 secs.

400m Open: 1 Caris Brus, TLJT; 2 Greg Turnbull, TLJT; 3 William Darling, Lasswade. 50.97 secs.

800m Open: 1 Wallace McGowan, Sauchie; 2 Colin Welsh, Kelso; 3 Alan Inglis, Hawick. 1 min 56.90 secs.

1600m Open: 1 Fraser Gorvett, TLJT; 2 Alan Inglis, Hawick; 3 Bruce Hughes, Hawick. 4 mins 34.40 secs.

90m Youths 9-12 years: 1 Lana Stanger, Hawick; 2 Aaron Glendinning, Leithenburn; 3 Samantha Dagg, TLJT. 10.25 secs

90m Youths 13-16 years: 1 Ben Lyall, Kelso; 2 Emma Brus, TLJT; 3 Scott Tindle, TLJT. 10.37 secs.

200m Youths 9-12 years: 1 Luke Rathie, Leithenburn; 2 Brogan Beattie, TLJT; 3 Eve Rathie, Leithenburn. 24.70 secs.

200m Youths 13-16 years: 1 Josh Abbott, Chirnside; 2 Ellis Mckean, Hawick; 3 Keeley Womack, Hawick RP. 24.22 secs.

800m Youths: 1 Olivia Rodden, Jed AC; 2 Irvine Welsh, Kelso; 3 Ben Rutherford, Kelso. 2 mins 02.17 secs.

1600m Youths: 1 Irvine Welsh, Hawick; 2 Iona Jamieson, Teviotdale; 3 Craig Angus, Moorfoot. 5 mins 02.07 secs.

90m Open Championship: 1 Allan Hamilton, Edinburgh; 2 Greg Kelly, East Kilbride; 3 Greg Turnbull, TLJT. 9.50 secs.

90m Open Ladies Race: 1 Rianna Sterricks, Leithenburn; 2 Megan Busby-Bell, Carlisle; 3 Philippa Robertson, Teviotdale. 9.70 secs.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11:28AM
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