Double delight for Castle Caledonia


CASTLE Caledonia made it two in a row for his Langholm owners at the Blue Riband trail on Common Riding day.

Kevin Knott presents the trophies to the Langholm owners of winning hound Castle CaledoniaRachel Norris
Rachel Norris
Kevin Knott presents the trophies to the Langholm owners of winning hound Castle CaledoniaRachel Norris

The hound, owned by Marti Borthwick, Mary Irving, Jock Fawkes and Les Richardson, was a popular winner and got Langholm's big day off to the best of starts.

During the night, it did not look that way as heavy rain was forecast for the morning but it subsided at about 6am, much to the relief of all concerned at Collins' Turn.

By slip time at 6.30am when trail layers Andrew Walton and Andrew Elliot arrived back on the field, the mist was beginning to clear.

Twenty hounds were slipped and Denton Memory set off at a cracking pace and had a good lead over the first wall.

As they went out of sight, this lead had increased to more than 100 yards but, by the time they came to the road crossing at Sorbie, Tynedale and Shamballa had taken over in front, with Tate and Castle Caledonia following in third and fourth.

The mist had cleared and spectators got a reasonable view of the hounds and first dog into sight was a white dog halfway along the Castle Hill.

He was on his own and well in the lead of the rest of the pack. When they arrived at the road, word came to the field that it was Castle Caledonia well in front and he soon came into view of the catchers and spectators.

Caledonia was almost home when the others came into view. Tate led the chase from Spring Drifter and Hi Jack as the whistles went on and she finished well for second.

Hi Jack passed Spring Drifter and they took third and fourth. Shamballa was fifth and Text took the final ticket.

There were prizes for the first three maiden hounds home and this was won by Hi Jack, with Water Spirit and Fire Bolt claiming the other two prizes.

Langholm Common Riding: 1 Castle Caledonia, 2 Test, 3 Hi Jack, 4 Spring Drifter, 5 Shamballa, 6 Tate. 20 ran, 32.08.

First maidens home: 1 Hi Jack, 2 Water Spirit, 3 Fire Bolt.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11:24AM
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