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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Let’s back 20mph whether vehicles are parked or not

WE WOULD agree with proposals to restrict parking in the High Street if this would make the street safer. However, removal of the parked cars could make the street more dangerous.

The E&L Advertiser headline of May 8, 2008 was ‘Traffic survey backs bid to keep High Street parking’ and went on to say that ‘traffic police have backed the retention of parking at both ends of Langholm’s High Street, agreeing that it reduces speed’.

The E&L of May 1, 2008 quoted councillor Denis Male: “He recognised the traffic-calming effect of parked cars and without them, lorries could go bombing straight through the town”. In this, Denis was obviously correct and the situation is worsening all the time as traffic increases and vehicles get larger and heavier.

It is entirely foreseeable that removing the parked cars will allow 40-tonne trucks to barrel through the towns at speeds up to 30mph. Of course, 30mph for cars as well as lorries is a dangerous inappropriate speed on this street.

Perhaps we should be grateful that sometimes drivers at present have to slow down a bit to negotiate parked cars. Therefore, if parked cars are to be cleared from the street, it will be eminently sensible to introduce a speed limit of 20mph.

In last week’s E&L Advertiser it was not entirely correct of Ian Stewart of BEAR Scotland to state that “we are back to square one”. In fact, we have a new situation because Transport Scotland has indicated it will now consider potential 20mph pilot sites at suitably identified locations.

Therefore, we should seize this opportunity to make the High Street safer and less stressful for everyone.

In fact, whether the parking is removed or not, 20mph limits would be of great benefit to the community. It will provide a quieter, healthier environment for the residents, traders and shoppers and make the High Street a more pleasant place. If this is what we want, we still have to fight for it by telling the consultation that this is what we want.

D Cockburn Border House, High Street

R Baird 96 High Street

G Ferguson 78/80 High Street

A Williams 14 Charles Street

J Scott 13 High Street

J Noonan Market Place

K Durnford High Street

M Thomlinson 20 High Street


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