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Friday, 29 May 2015

Site chosen for new sick house

The Parochial Board of this parish at their half yearly meeting held in the Town Hall here, on Friday last, unanimously agreed to build a new Casual Sick Poor’s House.The new post office for Langholm is rapidly nearing completion, and last week the erection of the poles to carry the telegraph wires was watched with great interest.Reverting back to last week’s Council meeting, what do our readers think of the proposal to have all night lighting in the burgh?Langholm’s Lorna Irving returned home on Tuesday after running for the British team in an international marathon race in Tokyo.

KC files Nov19
Reid & Taylor’s first building from 1854 at the top right. Skinyards at centre right. Caroline Street is single-storey houses, built up to two-storeyed from 1874. Meikleholm Mill, est 1789 with The Casual Sick House built on the site of Meikleholm Mill in 1860, with Reid & Taylor’s first building at top right and Skinyards centre right


The site chosen by the committee is highly eligible, being on the outskirts of the town and detached from all other houses.

It has also met the approval of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, and a committee has been appointed to get plans and specifications prepared and the work let with all possible speed, so that the house may be ready for occupation by Whitsunday.

The site is at the upper end of the field immediately behind the Meikleholm Mill.


It was a considerable undertaking to erect the pole, which is 65 feet high, behind the new premises (in David Street).

The men had to erect a temporary pole in the High Street, and by means of block and tackle fastened to this, and carried over the adjoining roof, the pole in the back street was raised.

Just as it neared the perpendicular it swayed to one side, but the tackle caught on the new chimney and prevented it going further.

There was little real danger of the pole falling because of the depth of the hole in which the base stood, but the crowd who were watching alongside the back premises of the B. L. Bank needed no second warning to get out of the way.

The work took the men the whole of Wednesday.

They had just as much difficulty, if not more so, in erecting another pole at the back of Mr Fairley’s shop.

In this instance they had to swing it over a high wall, and move it a distance of several yards to the place of erection.

All Night Lighting

All night lighting is perhaps a bit misleading in regard to the proposal as it really means lighting from dusk to dawn.

If the proposal is carried we would imagine that Langholm will be one of the few burghs, if not the only one, where such a lighting scheme is in operation.

It really is a topsy-turvy world so far as electrical current is concerned.

It is not so long ago since we had fuel cuts, and then we had the instance of lighting being extended in Langholm from eleven o’clock until two in the morning, an extension which was decided upon to SAVE money.

By extending the lighting period by three hours each day a sufficient number of units were used to enable the Council to have the benefit of a reduced tariff.

The new proposal will not have the same result and it certainly will cost money.

The point is, will it be worth the extra expenditure?

We would imagine that Holmwood Housing Scheme tenants and residents in other houses on the outskirts of the town will be all in favour of it.


It was her first visit to the strange climates of the oriental east and Lorna was, very obviously, both excited and more than a little apprehensive about her journey.

On her arrival there, Lorna was completely taken aback by the hospitality afforded her and her team-mates.

She told the E&L, “Everywhere you went, the people just couldn’t do enough for you. Everyone seemed to want to give you a present.

“It was a wonderful feeling and instilled a tremendous amount of relaxation into what had been rather a nerve-wracking build up to the event.”

“On the day of the race, I felt tired to begin with for I had not slept any more than three hours per night.

I just could not sleep with the change of climate and atmosphere, and the obvious jet-lag.”

Lorna then went on to detail the big race in which over 80 world class athletes lined up for the start.

Three West German runners where hot favourites to pick up the first three places. Our local lass ran the first 10 miles in 58 minutes and felt that she was not doing too badly.

She went through the half-way mark in 1 hr. 16 mins. but then weariness caught up with her and she developed cramp which slowed her right down.

At the finishing line she was 12th in a time of 2 hrs. 45 minutes, a very creditable time which did Lorna and Langholm proud.


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