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THE girls in this photo are all dressed up for Common Riding day.

All dressed up for Common Riding day
Catherine Greer
All dressed up for Common Riding day

Margaret Scott, who brought in the picture, thought it would have been 1957, when they would have been 16 years old. The girls who were all friends enjoyed an afternoon at the games in fine weather.

The first person in the picture on the left, was not with Margaret and her friends, she just happened to be in the picture and Margaret didn't know who she was. The girls are, left to right, Hazel Bell, Nina Snowdon, Netta Maxwell, Margaret Christie, Cynthia MacMillan, Sheila Coulthard and Marion Little.

Margaret went to school with Hazel, Nina, Netta and Cynthia. The box camera Netta is holding was Margarets.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 9:35AM
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