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THIS Gilnockie school reunion picture in 2002 was brought in by Hazel Bell, who is on the front row, third from the right. It was taken outside the the former school.

The former pupils gather for the Gilnockie school reunion in 2002
The former pupils gather for the Gilnockie school reunion in 2002

Jean Hogg organised the reunion. They gathered in Gilnockie hall for a catch-up and refreshments before having their picture taken outside. Jean and her husband, John, have given names for most of the people and maiden names are used for most of the women. John said it had been 15 years and Jean thought she might organise another reunion.

Back rows, left to right, Billy Nicholson, Alex Murray, Eric Scott, Roger Grant, Murray Tweddle, Hilary Grant, Betty Short, George Short, Margaret Murray, Doreen Earsman, Jane Grant, Jean Earsman and John Hogg.

In the middle and front rows are: George Ballentyne, Jerome Foster, May Glendinning, Jean Geddes, Margaret Tweddle, Marjorie Short, Bert Irving, Shirley Scott, Joyce Common, May Young, Iain Ballentyne, Phoebe Armstrong, Jean Barbour, Denis Male, John Armstrong, Desmond Irving, Bob Graham, Tommy Armstrong, Janet Nicholson, Kathleen Nicholson, Betty Nicholson, Pearl Nicholson, Jenny Male, Irene Hogg, Gillian Armstrong, Rena Johnstone, Linda Armstrong, Hazel Hogg and Jess Earsman (the dinner lady).

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