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THE pupils who were at Langholm Academy together celebrated their 60th birthdays in 2001 at a class reunion.

The Langholm 60th class reunion in 2001
The Langholm 60th class reunion in 2001

The party was held at the Masonic social club. The invitations were posted to everyone, including ? Alexander who had emigrated to Australia. His invitation should have been sent by airmail but, unfortunately, it wasn't and he received it on the day the reunion was held so was unable to attend.

This was a good excuse for a second reunion which was held a few months later when he was able to attend at Langholm Golf Club.

They are front row, left to right, Kenneth Irving, Hazel Hogg, John Dunn, May Bell and Eileen Corrie. Second row: Mamie Handley, Helen Ritchie, Adrienne Irving, Frances McCartney, Miss Jean McLeod, Jean Murray, Elma Dalgliesh, Jean Jackson, Peter McRoberts, Audrey Irving. Third row: Billy Coulthard, Jock Irving, Marion Armstrong, Johnnie Wylie, Billy Ewart, Tom Irving, Peter McRobert, Roy Park, Evelyn Kerr, Kathleen Armstrong, Nina Snowdon, Sally Fletcher and Mary Beverley. Back row: Lennie Bell, Peter McNeil, David Stevenson, Ramsay Johnstone, Dennis Little, William Grieve, George Ellwood, Ninian Wilson, John Welsh and Rainer Lohmann.

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