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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Where is James in photo?

THE readers of your newspaper were very good at helping us in our previous information quest when they identified Ivy Cottage as the location for our old photo with our Glendinning and Armstrong relatives.

sm hightae
Brian Pattie of Hightae is asking people to identify his relative James Pattie in this school photo

These were probably the least surprising surnames to find in a photo taken in Langholm.

This time we are seeking help with identifying our relative in the attached photo. It appeared in Anne Fairn's informative book Seven Centuries in The Royal Four Towns of Lochmaben and shows the school roll of Hightae primary in 1913 with headmaster W Crighton.

I have three relatives in the picture, one of whom will have a relevance for many of your readers but, unfortunately, is the one I have not been able to identify.

My Aunt Helen (Nell) Anderson is in the front row, second from the right, with her hands on her knees; her brother William John (Willjohn) Anderson is in the second row, standing to the left of the girl with the white collar and standing immediately behind the two boys (twins?) in the sailor suits.

The person I have been told is also in the picture but I cannot identify – and I wondered whether any of your readers would be able to help in this respect – is my cousin, James Pattie who lived at Muirfield Farm, Hightae, and was to become Rector at Langholm Academy.

He may also have been known by another soubriquet because of his unfortunate farm accident with a grass reaper and subsequently lost a foot. His father demonstrated all the sympathy of a parent of the time by telling him he would not be much help on the farm after the accident and would have to concentrate on his school studies, which he evidently did by becoming the Rector.

Maybe a relative of his still lives in the area and either has a copy of the photo or would be able to identify him just from the picture. In any case, I would be most grateful if I were able to identify my relative in the picture.

Brian Pattie



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