Youngsters enjoy their own Common Riding


HEAVY rain drove Langholm Playcare's Common Riding event from its normal venue of the tennis courts into the Buccleuch Centre.

Many of the children and their carers were led from the community centre by Langholm Pipe Band.

Langholm Playcare's Cornet Darragh Williams and his right and left-hand men Baylin Nicol and Joss Skelton were joined by the town's principals Cornet Stuart Murray, Simon Tweddle and Jamie Fletcher.

The thistle was carried by Jess Robson, the spade by Owen Rose, the crown by Faye Armstrong and the barley banna by Charlie Cuthbertson.

The lively event must have brought back many memories for Cornet Murray who played the leading role at Playcare 19 years ago.

It all began with the flute band, led by John Innes, rousing everyone to go and watch the hound trail on the hill. The trail was very competitive and left-hand man Joss Skelton, aided by Jamie, was the winner by a good margin.

On coming back into town, the party was met by the town band, after which Cornet Murray presented Cornet Williams with his sash and everyone paraded behind the band.

Cornet Williams and his followers rode up to and around the monument before Owen Rose cut a sod and Christopher Tait cried the Langholm fair.

The children enjoyed a break of barley banna, sweet fish and water and, once replenished, they lined up behind the pipe band for the heather besom parade.

The children's artwork had been judged by Cornet Murray's mother Gillian and sister Shonagh.

The baby winner was Stuart Millar, the winner of the early learning and childcare 3s was Cieran Graham, while Ethan Howie won the 4s. The tweenies' winner was Poppy Park and Mark Armstrong won the out of school club prize.

After Chloe Johnstone danced the Highland Fling, the whole company sang Rose of Allandale. An enthusiastic polka was danced before Cornet Williams handed in the flag and everyone sang Auld Lang Syne.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11:13AM
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