Revamp for Kilngreen toilets


THE outside of the public toilets on the Kilngreen in Langholm have been upgraded.

The work has been done, thanks to the Eskdale Foundation and councillor Ronnie Tait who donated his £2,000 ward allowance.

Mr Tait said the roof work had been completed, a joiner had put in a new door and a new window and the outside would be painted.

They opened the skylights and this had been an immense help. Water had been coming out of a pipe for years and this had been repaired and some vents fitted.

He met Derek Crichton, the council's communities director, yesterday to show him the improvements.

* A METAL sign was stolen from outside the Eskdale Hotel in the early hours of Monday. The board, with the hotel name on it, is valued at about £300.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:25PM
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