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Newcastleton primary school pupils with the prizes they won at the Holm Show
Newcastleton primary school pupils with the prizes they won at the Holm Show

A NUMBER of creative pupils took park in the Holm Show classes and were rewarded with prizes.

Chloe Paterson of P7 was the show school trophy winner. Chloe said: "My Viking head was the entry which I won the trophy for. We made them out of clay and modelled them."

Newcastleton Festival Committee gave the P6/7 pupils the opportunity to be creative at a lantern workshop. The children took their lanterns to an event at Hermitage Castle earlier in the month when stories, poems and songs were shared.

P1/2: This term they are learning 'what is all around us', around the class, school, playground, village and the woods.

The Smartest Giant in Town, one of their favourite books, has made them think about what it means to be kind and helpful.

P1 have learned the first six sounds and blending words. They have learned all the numbers up to 10 and started some addition using Big Maths.

P2 have practised their handwriting, writing, reading and spelling skills and learned more about numbers to 100 and over.

They made story sticks after their now regular trip to the woods on a Monday morning. The outdoor learning supports the main curriculum and raises the children's self-esteem and independence.

At the same time they learn how to keep safe, how to live in harmony with nature and how the seasons and nature change.

P3-P5: This term they are learning about bridges. They watched the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing and learned some new facts. In maths they have been learning to work with bigger numbers and add 10, 100 and 1,000 and how to work out some sums in their head.

P6/7: They have been focusing on enterprise. They have enjoyed learning about budgeting in maths and have had various challenges to complete.

They have completed team-building tasks and are now preparing a games afternoon to be held before the October holiday to help raise funds for their residential to Kingswood in March. They will also be doing a sponsored bike ride in October or November.

JRSO Conference: At the Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) conference the pupils had a talk on road safety by the senior road safety officer, a community police officer.

The pupils took part in workshops doing activities like quizzes and board work during which they shared their ideas.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:23PM
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