Prizegiving honours Newcastleton pupils


NEWCASTLETON primary school held its annual prizegiving ceremony at the end of term and it was a day when both parents, children and staff could celebrate their achievements, large and small.

Some of the pupils of Newcastleton primary school at their end of year prizegiving
Some of the pupils of Newcastleton primary school at their end of year prizegiving

Achievement awards (each year group): P1 Amelia Calvert; P2 Holley Williams; P3 Alfie Calvert; P4 Amber Foster; P5 Brooke Thomson; P6 Riley Bond; P7 Spencer Reid.

Progress and improvement prizes (each year group): P1 Ellis Bond; P2 Aiden Stewart; P3 Diego Van Krimpen; P5 Jessica Hewitt; P6 Thomas Williams; P7 Luke Langley; P7 Lewis Shields.

Sports Awards.

Effort and attainment in PE: P2 Finlay Paterson; P5 Alex Elliot;

P7 Amy Elliot.

Sports champions. Junior: Harry Adamson; Naomi Van Krimpen. Senior: Rory Nixon; Chloe Patterson.

Presentation of sports trophy to winning house at sport: Hermitage.

Poetry award: P3 Ruari Dalgleish; P6 Joshua Nichol; P7 Amy Elliot; Valerie Robson poetry award (P6/7): P6 Joshua Nichol; Rob Groom music award (P6/7) Joshua Nichol.

Good citizen award (each class): P2 Maddison Grierson; P5 Harry Adamson; P7 Elsa Michael.

Junior road safety officers: Jacklyn Hartley and Riley Bond.

Holm Show cover winner: Liam Elliot P5. His picture will be on the front of 300 catalogues.

Liddle house trophy: Castleton 1,483.

Cochrane Millinnium award (citizenship) Jodie Adamson and Jake Foster of P7.

Agnes Hall prize (P7 girl): Jacklyn Hartley; William Hall prize (P7 boy): Harvey Turnbull. Headteacher award: P6 Kyle Lamb.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 3:48PM
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