New blood needed for Liddesdale camer club


LIDDESDALE camera club is in danger of folding without new, younger blood to take it forward, the club's AGM was told.

George White, president, said the club had enjoyed a fairly good year, having one meeting a month during the past season with one exception.

He thanked everyone for their support during the season and the office bearers for their ongoing help. He congratulated Eric Horn for winning the best photo in the Border Battle in Hawick.

He said: "The club is in a rather precarious situation because we're in dire need of new members and it is only the efforts and willingness of our existing team, none of whom is getting any younger, who are keeping it going but finding it more difficult as time goes on.

"Without a younger generation of members with some verve and new ideas to carry us forward, I'm afraid the club will become but a memory, which I am sure none of us wants.

"We're not looking for folk with the ultimate in photographic equipment because one can achieve some perfectly good, even stunning, results with the most modest of mobile phones these days. Do not think your photos need to be of a certain standard to be a member. If you have a camera or mobile phone, that is all you need.

"All our meetings are open to everyone so please come along."

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 10:59AM
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