Label reveals more of mill story


ARTHUR Tolson's question for our readers this week is: "Who owns the Monument?"

An original label from Cairns of Langholm Ltd
An original label from Cairns of Langholm Ltd

Arthur said: "Many thanks to all those who replied to my question about Cairns Mill.

"It appears the mill worked out of Milligan's Hall until it was burned down when it moved to part of the Ford Mill.

"Some of those who worked there were Janet Jardine, Janet Grieve, Mrs G Murray, Mrs J Irvine and Hannah Buddles."

Katrine Eagleson brought in an original label advertising Cairns of Langholm Ltd, makers of Cairn cellular blankets. Katrine said she found the label among her late father Edwin Armitage's collection of papers and documents.

These were removed after The Woolly Mill Co Ltd was dissolved in September 1991. Her grandfather Jack Armitage relocated the mill from Blackburn in Lancashire to Ford Mill after the war and she thought the labels were probably stored in a box there.

Katrine also remembers having one of the cellular blankets when she was younger.

Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 3:58PM
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