Divine inspiration led to gift shop venture

By Gilly Fraser


A NEW venture in Newcastleton is not so much the result of a dream - more a flash of divine inspiration.

Holmspun Gifts and Crafts can be found upstairs in Buccleuch House in the village's main street.

As the name suggests, it has a wide range of handcrafted goods, including greetings cards, pottery, ornaments and cushions, much of it created by local artists.

The shop also acts as a showroom for a unique line in chalk-painted items known as Dories Delightful Furniture, the brainchild of former prison officer Lorna Longmoor.

Lorna said: "I had a vision about putting scripture verses onto furniture. For me, it was something I was asked to do by God.

"But, first of all, I had to find out how to do it and it was a long journey, first learning how to put chalk paint on wood, then it took about a year to find stencils with Christian messages."

Since mastering the skill, Lorna has found there is a definite market for her highly individual creations.

"Right from the start it's been absolutely flying. I have put photos of painted items of furniture on Facebook and within half an hour they're sold. I actually can't paint things fast enough to keep up with demand."

Lorna's partner in the new concern is village-based hairdresser Jo Elliot. She makes soft furnishings and gifts and finds the various elements of the business complement each other very well.

"Primarily, this is a workshop space with a commercial corner and working here I make a range of items such as cushion covers, plus cards, aprons, bunting and pieces of pottery.

"I do buy in some items but I really like stuff you can't just get anywhere. We also have some amazingly talented artists and craftspeople here and we're selling their work as well."

Lorna has already run chalk painting sessions which proved very popular and the plan now is to extend the range of workshops over the coming months.

"When the kids have gone back to school, we will be doing crochet, jewellery making, quilting, upholstery and knitting and we will always be keen to hear about other ideas."

The opening hours for Holmspun Gifts and Crafts and Dories Delightful Furniture are currently Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm and Saturdays from 9.30am to 2.30pm."

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11:32AM
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