Decision on new petrol station imminent


A NEW petrol station with an electrical charging point for vehicles is on the cards in Newcastleton.

Newcastleton community trust has submitted a plan to reinstate a petrol station in North Hermitage Street
C Greer
Newcastleton community trust has submitted a plan to reinstate a petrol station in North Hermitage Street

The village's community trust submitted the plan after Scottish Borders Council granted permission to demolish the current building at 40 North Hermitage Street last year.

The plan involves reinstating the petrol station and associated works, building a single-storey plant room and community store and a change of use of land to form vehicular parking with a fence enclosure.

At an open meeting the board shared the progress being made.

Fundraising for the hub and fuel forecourt had taken longer than anticipated and a shortfall of £220,000 remained.

This funding was intended to deliver the hub element of the project, fit out the building and business unit interiors and provide for a paid post for two to three years for a community development officer.

Their task would have been to work with the board to help solve the wider issues having an impact on everyone: flood defences, mobile and broadband solutions and job creation opportunities.

The trust believed Newcastleton should have a development officer and had not given up the challenge of seeking funding to secure one.

However, the board felt that, with nearly two years spent fundraising, they needed to move forward or risk jeopardising the whole project and lose fuel.

Many people were asking when fuel would be available. The longer the decision was left to proceed the more jeopardy was placed on the project.

In the latest newsletter the trust said: "The fuel project will now begin. Contracts and legal paperwork are underway and as soon as these are concluded, final design and planning approvals will be sought and work to clear the site can start.

"The design team is being tendered and, once in place, anyone wishing to tender for works (demolition, decontamination and construction) please contact us.

"Drainage, wiring, tanks and pump installations for the fuel will be undertaken by specialist contractors and managed by specialist designers/architects for us.

"The board is committed to awarding as much of the work as possible to local contractors.

"What will happen with the rear of the site? This will revert to the original plan for which planning was granted; the rear will be securely fenced and provide space for parking to accommodate vehicles and caravans yielding income to help offset some of the running costs of the site.

"It won’t be a car park forever but it will remain as this until the board feels it appropriate to revisit what other uses the space might be better used for.

"Fees for spaces will be published in due course so please register interest if you would like to reserve a space.

"There will also be a community store to accommodate community-owned things like the Christmas lights, marquees and marketing kits, making them more accessible to all."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 3:46PM
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