Common Riding procession delay under spotlight


MEASURES are being put in place to help the Common Riding procession move along more promptly, avoiding the delay on Drove Road.

The Common Riding members heard the latest update on preparations for the last Friday in July at their meeting in the Crown Hotel.

Roger Maxwell, chairman, said that on Common Riding day the procession along Drove Road before the Bar Brae would be marshalled to avoid the unnecessary delays which had been experienced in the past. Walkie talkies would be used to assist co-ordination.

The council had begun the repairs to the Kirk Wynd cemetery wall. He said he had made contact with Nicola Simpson of the council and had been given an assurance that if the wall was not completed, the site would be cleared and Herras fencing put back up before Saturday, July 22 which was Castle Craigs day.

A site meeting had been arranged with Ms Simpson, councillor Ronnie Tait, vice-chairman Tommy Morrison and Castle Craigs Club chairman Lee Earsman.

Turning to other matter, Roger said it had previously been proposed to carry out some work on the Highland dancing platform and this would be done in due course.

The bunting supplier Porter Brothers of Liverpool had become part of a group of companies and acquiring new bunting was proving difficult. This would be chased up.

There was seven years worth of material left for the Cornet’s breeches and jacket. When required, additional material could be woven.

Quotes had been received for the public address system and the hire of the ambulance for the day. Each showed a small increase from last year but were accepted.

Common Riding ribbon had been ordered and expected in a few days' time. The rosettes would comprise purple on the outside, white in the middle and pink in the inner circle.

The number of ties ordered was the same as last year. Prices were expected to remain the same.

The stance list was finalised with nine applications accepted. Each stance holder was to provide evidence of their public liability insurance. There were to be no inflatable slides or bouncy castles under any circumstances.

Dates were arranged for work to begin on putting up the grandstand. The next meeting is on July 3.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:00AM
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