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Friday, 22 May 2015

Then rally lads

n A SONG entitled Langholm Common Riding Day which was written in 1919 by R T Whitney and never been sung in public before was well rendered by Miss J A Beattie.

“Come a’ ye Langholm lads sae gay

An’ listen tae ma sang,

This is the happy festive day

We’ve waited for sae lang.

Oor Cornet’s oot wi merry men.

The drums and fifes do play

Tae cheer us a’ an’ let us ken

‘Tis Langholm Common Riding Day.

Then rally lads and lasses gay,

Yer Cornet’s ready for the fray.

The drums and fifes do gaily play –

‘Tis Langholm Common Riding Day.

If early up ye’ll see the Trail,

Then tae the market run;

An’ hooch, the banna and twalpenny nail,

It mak’s ye sair – sic fun.

The crood is great, oor Cornet’s there,

An’ oh, he’s dressed sae gay,

Sin’ tae the races he’ll repair

‘Tis Langholm Common Riding Day.

Oor games are grand, the bands do play,

The fun ends a’ too soon;

Then bands an’ Cornet lead the way

Back tae oor guid auld toon.

The folk a’ rally near the Croon

An’ join the dance sae gay;

We gie three cheers, then a’ is dune-

Thus ends oor Common Riding Day.”


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