Thanks for all your support


MAY I, through the courtesy of your columns, say thank you to everyone who voted in the recent council election?

A very special and heartfelt thank you goes to those who voted for myself.

I was really humbled to receive so many personal votes when very high ranking politicians got themselves involved with a message about Brexit and independence.

It is unfortunate that non-local government issues swayed the election and, for the first time, voting for the party meant more than local issues.

My congratulations to Karen Carruthers, Archie Dryburgh and Ronnie Tait. I am sure they will serve the ward to the very best of their abilities.

I have discovered, for the first time in my life, the stress I have lived under for the past 57 years of youth, community and council work is over and the continuous daily commitment and long journeys and late nights have gone.

I will miss, most of all, the contact with residents and the satisfaction of helping them with their own personal issues. However I will carry on with the Borders rail group and invasive plants.

I believe the overriding development that everyone in the Esk Valley needs to get behind is the community health development of the new care village. If we don't, within five years we may have nothing.

So, thanks folks for all the support over the years. It really has been an honour and a pleasure to represent you.

A big thank you to my dear wife, Ellen, who has stood by me during bad times and good and to Ann and Tricia at Glenfirra.

Denis. R Male



Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 9:43AM
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