Politics were left at the door of Burns supper


IN REPLY to Bryan Rae’s letter regarding the Gilnockie Burns supper "Ironic speech" (E&L Advertiser, February 8), I make no excuses for asking David Mundell MP to give The Immortal Memory.

He has spoken at many Burns suppers and, on approaching him, it was obvious he was well qualified and passionate regarding Burns.

Politics were left at the door at Gilnockie and Mr Mundell gave a very interesting, informative and enjoyable Immortal Memory. He was congratulated by many in the audience regardless of their political views.

Gilnockie Burns supper is not a political platform and it’s sad that Mr Rae chose to publicly criticise it without actually attending the event.

Is he suggesting we ask all our guests for their political stance before allowing them to attend? I don’ t think so.

Deryn Waitt


Gilnockie Hall

WHAT a mean, spiteful little letter from Bryan Rae about the Gilnockie Burns Supper and the Immortal Memory.

Surely Mr Rae can find irony enough in the life and works of this splendid poet who could allege “bought and sold for English gold” and yet, through the influence of patronage, accept a post as customs officer – paid not in English gold perhaps but in English silver at least – and whose political allegiance varied from Jacobite through revolutionary to British patriotism, depending on how some of his poems are interpreted.

A great spirit shone through this man’s work. Would he have sneered at praise from a Tory, Labour or even UKIP politician? What next – a worldwide ban on the grasping of hands with bystanders to the strains of Auld Lang Syne except by SNP supporters?

Mary Rolls

Carlesgill Cottages


Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 10:40AM
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