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MAY I take the opportunity, through your columns, to thank the many people who signed the petition to save the hedge at Clinthead Gardens in Langholm.

The response was terrific and showed how a large percentage of the population was appalled by the proposal.

Three months have passed since concerns were raised at a community council meeting and the bad news is that we still remain uncertain of the future of the hedge.

Several people have been told informally that the hedge is safe, even though the fence, which was meant to replace it, has already been made. But there has been no official word at any level revoking the original decision to remove the hedge.

I attended the last three meetings of the community council in an attempt to get clarification on the matter. I had hoped that, Margaret Pool, the interim chairwoman of the Bonnie Langholm committee would be there. She had offered, in a letter to your paper, to attend the April meeting. She did not.

The community council offered to invite her to the May meeting when, again, there was a no-show. Margaret Sanderson, community council chairwoman, said she would invite Mrs Pool to write a letter to your newspaper to explain where things now stood. I have seen no letter so far and have now been informed that there will be no letter.

I get the impression that some people are deliberately dragging their heels and praying for the end of nesting season so the protection afforded to the hedge at the moment ceases.

I, therefore, ask all those who feel strongly about the matter to lobby our representatives at community council and Dumfries and Galloway Council to give us formal notification of a secure future for the hedge because it could give a protected habitat to more than just nesting birds.

G Ferguson

78/80 High Street


Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 11:32AM
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