Hedge matter is closed


IN RESPONSE to G Ferguson’s letters "Lobby to save hedge", "Questions on hedge remain unanswered" and "Disappointment and disbelief at hedge plan" (E&L Advertiser, June 14, April 13 and March 29) about the hedge at Clinthead gardens.

The letters seem to be increasingly directed towards my mother Margaret Pool. While she has chosen not to reply through the newspaper, I feel obliged to defend her and the other Bonnie Langholm volunteers who have tried to act in the best interests of the town for the last 20 plus years.

It was reported that my mother would be happy to go along to the community council and answer questions about the proposal to remove the hedge at Clinthead.

However, after the negative public response, including comments on-line (some quite defamatory), the volunteers decided to cancel the project without further debate.

Margaret Sanderson, community council chairwoman, was told verbally and then sent an email clarifying the position on April 7. This was acknowledged and my mother also handed in a statement to be read out at the April meeting in lieu of her attendance.

Therefore, I’m not sure why there remains any ambiguity over the future of the hedge. As far as my mother and the rest of the volunteers are concerned, the matter has been closed since the beginning of April.

At no point has the community council asked my mother or any other representative of the group to attend their meetings to discuss this.

As a result, I’m not sure how her non-attendance could be described by Mr Ferguson as a ‘no-show’.

We are a small town, everyone knows everyone else and if there was genuinely any doubt about the future of the hedge, the easiest option surely would be to ask directly, as other people have.

I hope this provides sufficient clarity and closure about this issue. Liz Forsyth



Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 8:39AM
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