Councillor plans to stand again


May I, through the courtesy of your columns, inform your readers that it is my intention to once again put my name forward for the up-coming Dumfries and Galloway Council Election on 4th May 2017

It has been my great pleasure, and an absolute honour, to serve the residents of Annandale and Eskdale East for the last 10 years and the residents of Eskdale for many years prior to the multi-member Ward system.

I have an excellent community development record starting organisations like The Eskdale Foundation and The Langholm Initiative and I attend regularly Community Councils Meetings I was closely involved in the development of The Day Centre and Mission Hall and more recently worked with our School Councils to bring to fruition our All Through School, Eskdale Cluster with Canonbie School, and the All Weather Sports Pitch.

Over the years I have sat on almost every Committee, chaired many of them and have been convener (leader) of D G Council during one of its most difficult times.

I am always available, if you need my help, by phone, email, pm, or social media (usually late at night).

During these present austere times D & G needs councillors with experience who are prepared to work hard, work together, no matter the politics of the day, to deliver the crucial services our residents need.

I believe that I have that working relationship with all political groups on the Council.

Since its inception, 9 years ago, I have been involved in setting up the new Community Health and Social Care Grouping controlled by the Integration Joint Board made up of all Health Board Services, including the New D G Hospital , and Council Adult Social Work. This includes Home Care and all our Cottage Hospitals.

The Council have no imput into Thomas Hope or any other Cottage Hospitals and they have been transferred to the Integration Joint Board from the Health Board.

The board recently agreed the development of a modern Care Village, of Sheltered, Extra Sheltered, Residential, Nursing, Step Up Step Down Hospital and Hospital at Home, for Eskdale, here in Langholm, so we can keep our Elderly at home. This secures the staff jobs at THH as well as creating many more jobs and bringing more services to the whole of Eskdale.

A business plan is in the process of being developed and I would be delighted, for your support, to see this absolutely crucial project to fruition.

I also know that we need to work in partnership with our Care Homes to role this type of Elderly Care out across the rest of our Area ( Gretna Area being a prime example) as resources tighten at both Health Board and Council and we ensure that specialist services are provided in the home or as close to as possible.

Following recent events and as advised by Chairman of DG Conservative Association I have stood down from the Conservative Group, on the Council, on the very friendliest of terms with my former colleagues and I will be standing as a non aligned candidate knowing I can still serve the area to the very best of my ability free from the constraints and prejudices of party politics.

I hope you can continue to support me in this capacity

Yours respectfully

Denis R. Male

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 10:47AM
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