I WRITE after my previous letter "Disappointment and disbelief at hedge plan" (E&L Advertiser, March 29) and having attended the April meeting of the community council where a full public gallery voiced their dissatisfaction on the proposed removal of the hedge at Clinthead garden.

I was surprised there was no representation from the Bonnie Langholm committee, even though their own chairperson had volunteered to attend and answer any questions about the matter.

So we, the community, are still unsure as to what processes and procedures brought about this sad affair. I believe there had not been a formal invitation to Bonnie Langholm but they were aware there would be people objecting to the proposal in attendance.

The community council chairwoman said they were approached in October or November 2015 which was, to my recollection, about the time Bonnie Langholm announced they were folding so, perhaps, the project was meant to be a final flourish, a swansong.

If this is not the case, maybe some of the many members of that committee, who attended their regular meetings or AGM, can dig out their copies of the minutes and set me right.

I would have thought a project of this scale would attract and warrant a great deal of publicity so why do so many people, including community councillors, say the first they heard of it was only a few weeks ago.

We are lucky that the hedge did not suffer the same fate as the one in Rosevale Gardens where, again, no-one seemed aware of what was happening until too late.

There are many questions remaining and I can only hope that we, the public, can start to get these answered at the community council's next meeting where there may be a representative of the Bonnie Langholm committee in attendance as well as concerned members of the public.

George Ferguson

High Street


Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 11:02AM
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